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Quartz Systems

Floorguard Products Inc. offers a highly durable, chemical resistant, and decorative floor coating system. It is used in any setting where an attractive, high performance, and protective concrete coating is required, or where any decorative floor system is needed. Quartz systems have a more traditional look, and because decorative quartz aggregate is used instead of flakes, they are more cost effective. Below are three different options for installing a quartz floor, choose the system that best fits your needs, and it will guide you on which products you need and the amounts needed.

Floorguard Products, Inc. has been manufacturing top quality flooring products for over 25 years. Our products have stood up to the test of time, having over 9,000,000 square feet of our products installed in some of the harshest industrial and commercial environments, as well as thousands of residential floors. Floorguard Products has seen the need for exceptional flooring products in the residential and small commercial market niche. We continue to expand our reach nationally by offering our products through our qualified Applicators network.

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Never content to just lead the industry, Floorguard Products, Inc. is continually improving our flooring systems and developing innovative new products that will provide your potential clients with systems that no other contractor/designer can offer. Find out more about how partnering with Floorguard Products can increase revenues and profits.

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